Base Camp Hike Everest: Nobody Told You Anything!

Base Camp Hike Everest: Nobody Told You Anything!

On my flight to Singapore, I finished seeing “Mount Everest”, broke down in tears and saw all the wonderful places we saw in real life when we took an excursion to Everest Base Camp last November. We’ve been there for six months, but it seems like it’s been so far, even a few years. I see Kathmandu popping up on the screen from time to time because we are currently flying over India. Only the beauty of the Himalayas will fly here for a short time. When I looked back, I saw something about our trip to Everest base camp. Things we don’t know because no one told us in advance. So now we are going to tell you. If you plan to hike to Everest Base Camp and want to know what to do.

 1. Use Diamox to hike the Everest base!

Before starting my EBC trek, I was just afraid of altitude. Although I like Fisher’s famous saying, “This is attitude, not height”, it can kill you at height. Oppressive. We read it before we left, and a week and a half before we left for Nepal, I found out that I had very bad bronchitis.

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I have to see a doctor, it’s a shame. Later, he not only gave me prednisone and antibiotics, but he also gave me Daimox, a medicine for altitude sickness. Actually, I didn’t intend to do this, but I thought I’d bring them over. If I needed them, he would tell me to take two capsules a day. However, when we got to Lukla, our tour guide Jangbu asked if we would consider taking Diamox. I told him I had ten pills if he needed them, but he said it was too late when he thought he needed them.

Diamox is used to prevent altitude sickness, not to cure the symptoms. I hesitate because I really don’t want to use my bronchitis medicine slowly to excite my body. However, if he does not accept and cannot take him to base camp, he will regret it forever. So I decided to take them 3,440m away from Namche Bazar.

I don’t know whether it is Diamox or other situations, but for a moment, the altitude did not make us feel sad. Of course, sometimes we get headaches, and most of the time we get short of breath, but it doesn’t help. However, we never feel sick or ill because we see that other people are uncomfortable. If I follow the doctor’s advice when necessary, I may not have made it to the Everest base camp trek or completed my EBC trip.

But when hiking to EBC, check with your guide or local pharmacy to find out what’s best for you. We are not doctors and we cannot tell you what is best for you. Finally, we ate 10 capsules per person in 10 days, that is, one capsule a day, half a capsule in the morning, and the other half before going to bed at night. Of course, there are some side effects, one of which is the limb, you need to know about them. My doctor told me it was my hand, but I finally pulled my foot, my fingers, my head, my fingers, and my arm. Nothing, but it can be annoying and scary when you don’t know what’s going on…

 2. Bring enough tissues!

On the way to Everest Base Camp, everything can be sold, but at a price. The fabrics sold are wasteful and expensive. With a punch on the nose, he has been torn apart. Because I always have a runny nose when I walk, I really hate it because it has no fabric. If you decide to hire a porter to carry your luggage, I definitely recommend that you add some extra fabric. Wet wipes can also help!

 3. Wi-Fi is everywhere!

We have already written this article on another blog, but almost every theater provides wireless Internet access. Of course, this comes at a price, but it is not as expensive as we thought and it is quite fast in some places. When the hotel does not have Wi-Fi, you can purchase Everest Link wallets to update your social media channels. I couldn’t find anything online before so we wrote a full story about wireless access at Everest base camp and how much it costs.

 4. The bakery is your worst enemy!

The biggest mistake we make is going to the bakery and not eating fresh food. After three days of walking and eating teak, we came to Namche Bazar, where there are various shops and bars. While hearing good stories from the local bakery and looking for a piece of cake, each of us walked by with a delicious cake (I must admit).

However, the next day I fell ill and our guide asked if we were in the bakery. He looked at us, we were worried, as we confirmed, and told us that I might be food poisoned. Bakeries are notorious for keeping food out of the refrigerator for too long or even days, so you end up with food that tastes good but is actually full of bacteria.

 5. EBC easily raises interest rates!

Did not warn us. I asked him why. His response was that he had told his clients, but no one had ever believed him. People see western things and believe that they will automatically eat them safely, but the same is true. we recommend

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