Rio Olympics Games 2016


By Team GNT – Mega Event of Sports,  Summer Olympic Games for the first time in the History of South America will be held Brazil from August 5th – 21st August.  Rio De Jeneiro one of the biggest City of Brazil will have the privilege to Host the summer Olympic Games in 2016.

 In this mega event of Sports 206 countries will be participating in 306 events with a pool of around 11,000 athletes who will participate in this Mega Sports event in the world. 37 sports facilities has been designed and developed to offer some of the world class experience to the spectators.

With more than 7 million tickets up for sale in the market. The views will have a great experience in this mega event. This is will be one of the well-guarded games in the history of Olympics. According to the various sources more than 80,000 security personal will constantly look after the law and order situation in the Games in Brazil.

In this event more than 70,000 volunteers will be constantly offering services in the various sphere to make the games successful.

Proper arrangements are also made for providing high quality food for the athlete. The organizers are planning to prepare more than 60, 000 meals per day meals for the athletes in the Event.

Watch out for more actions in the days to come…….

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