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5 Scariest places in the world where humans are forbidden to go

Ghost is such a word that if you think deeply, then only this word will frighten you. That ghost is still a mystery. Is this blatant rumor going on for centuries or is there 100% truth in it?

In this post today we are going to tell you about the 5 scariest places in the world related to ghosts.

1. Manila Film Center, Philippines

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In Manila Film Center were ever filming Films and plays, etc. But an accident turned this film center into a haunted film center. There was renovation work was going on here in 1981, during this time around 170 laborers were buried due to cement collapse. In which many laborers died painfully. It is said that the souls of those dead laborers wander here even today and behave very badly with the people who come here.

2. Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

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This place is located in Denmark, one of the scariest buildings in the world, Prisoners were once kept at this place. And they were given harsh punishment, due to which hundreds of prisoners are said to have died at this place. Even today the soul of those prisoners wanders here. If a person goes inside the Dragsholum slot, then he gets a feeling of mysterious power. Like someone is stopping them from going inside.

3. Aokigahara forest, Japan

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Aokigahara forest, found in Japan, this forest is one of the most feared forests in the world. It is said about this forest that this forest provokes suicide. If a person goes to this forest, then it is impossible for him to come back after escaping. Thousands of people have committed suicide in this forest and their soul wanders here. It is said that the spirit of the people who commit suicide instigates the people who come here to commit suicide.

4. Nigrafal Cave, America

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This cave was built in the year 1900. It is forbidden to burn fire around this cave or inside the cave. There is a sad story behind it. It is said that there was a house near the same tunnel in which a girl lived. One day suddenly there was a fire in the house, due to which that girl died.

The girl went inside the cave to put out the fire. But unfortunately, there was no water in the cave; the cave was completely dry. Seeing this the girl started screaming loudly to ask for help but no one came to her help.

Since then it is believed that if someone lights a match or fire around this cave or inside the cave, then he dies.

5. Bhangarh Fort, it is present in Rajasthan

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Another name of fear is the fort of Bhangarh, this fort is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. This fort, which is considered to be number 1 in India’s scary fort, is a witness to mysterious incidents. Where does it go about this fort Due to the curse of a Tantrik, the flourishing civilization in this fort had come to an end, and the soul of thousands of people who died still resides in this fort. That is why it is forbidden to visit this fort after sunset. If a person does this and spends the night in the fort, then either he goes insane or he dies.

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