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Colleen Stan: A girl who was imprisoned in a coffin for 7 years

Friends, this is a true story that happened in the USA, today I am going to introduce you to this true story. Before starting this story, let me tell you that my intention is not to hurt or scare anyone. To get familiar with this story, please read this article completely or you can watch the video from the link given below.

Friends, this heart-wrenching story happened with a girl named Colleen Stan.

On May 19, 1977, Colleen Stan, a native of Oregon, planned to go to Westwood, California for her friend’s birthday but did not have enough money for bus tickets. So, she decided to resort to hitchhiking to go to his friend’s house. Friends In the travel world, hitchhiking means taking a lift, the distance from Oregon to Westwood is about 400 miles. She took the first lift from a truck ball and travelled 345 miles to Red Bluffs, California was still 100 miles away from Red Bluffs, so he had to take another lift.

Colleen Stan

Colleen Stan took the second lift from a car driver, in this car Cameron Hooker and his wife Janice Hooker were traveling with their newborn baby. Colleen Stein saw them, so she thought the car was safe because they were also traveling with a child. She takes the lift in Cameron’s car, after traveling almost 30 miles, Colleen Stan wants to be fresh. Then she asked Cameron Hooker to stop at some gas station and when she was about to get fresh. She realized that she shouldn’t travel in this car, maybe this car is not safe, but she had to reach California So suppressing his emotions, she decided to continue traveling in this car.

When she came back to the car, she saw that there was a wooden box next to her seat, she wondered why she had not seen this wooden box earlier. After covering some distance, Cameron Hooker changed the direction of the road and stopped the car in a dense forest. His wife Janice opened the car door and got down with their child. Then suddenly Cameron Hooker put a knife on Colleen Stan’s neck. and forced her to put on handcuffs, then lock her head in that little wooden box.

After that he took Colleen Stan to his house in Red Bluff, Oak Street, there was no house far away in that area, that’s why no one saw him. Cameron Hooker took Colleen to the basement of the house. He tied up Colleen, took off all her clothes, then hit her badly, after that he had sex with his wife Janice in front of Colleen, Colleen could not understand what was happening.

In fact, Cameron Hooker had a mental illness, he liked to beat women, torture and then have sex with them Janice Hooker had epilepsy since childhood, she was low self-esteem person, that’s why she chose a man like Cameron Hooker, and Cameron Hooker took advantage of her and kept her like a slave. Janice loved her husband so she was tolerating his toucher but she was completely broken, then both of them decided to the toucher a girl should be kidnapped, but Janice’s condition was that he would not have sex with that girl, Cameron Hooker was also bored by doing this with Janice, so she needed a new victim, then this couple started looking for a beautiful girl. Went and their search ended at Colleen.

cameron hooker wife janice today

On the other hand, four days after the disappearance of Colleen Stan, her friend called her parents and asked where is Colleen, she said that she would come but not yet? Colleen’s parents got scared, where did their daughter go? Because Colleen was not in the habit of going out of the house without informing, then on 23 May 1977, they reported to the police, but the police did not find any clue.

On the other hand, Cameron Hooker and his wife were thinking that if they kept Colleen like this for a long time, the police and her family could find her and reach here, So, he made a wooden coffin and placed Colleen Stan inside it as well as began to mind-wash him that he was just a slave and nothing else, the sooner he realized that it would be better for her.

Cameron Hooker takes her out only when he wants to toucher Colleen. Before having sex, he used to abuse her badly by using various types of equipment with her secret parts which was very painful. Even after this, he would give Colleen electric shocks and slit her throat with a rope and wound her body. Janice was very happy to see all this because at least all this is not happening to her anymore.

A year later, in 1987, Cameron Hooker got the idea for a Slavery Contract from a newspaper. He prepared a slavery contract to make Colleen Stan his slave completely. In which it was written that Colleen is his slave and he can do whatever he wants with her. He forced Colleen to sign the contract and threatened that if she did not sign, he would put his sign in the contract and would add more painful rules to the contract. That’s why Colleen Stan got scared and signed according to the rules of that contract, Cameron Hooker then said that he hired “The Celeb Company” to keep an eye on her if she wanted to run away, tried to contact her family, or she tried to call someone. So “The Celeb Company” Will Kill her And her Family.

Colleen Stan 1

After signing the Slave contract, she got some freedom, she didn’t have to live in a wooden coffin 24 hours a day because Cameron Hooker had given her the job of cooking and cleaning the house but whenever Cameron Hooker “attention” If he shouted, Colleen had to run to the middle of the house, take off all her clothes and stand up with her hands up and then the orgy of Cameron would start.

Cameron Hooker had controlled Colleen in such a way that she did not speak anything in front of him and Cameron wanted it, this cycle continued and one day Janice Hooker lost her job and her family was surrounded by financial difficulties, then Cameron started begging by Colleen. He used to drop and pick her up in the city every day. Actually, Colleen Stan had many chances to escape, she could have told the police, but she never did, she never tried to contact anyone.

On the other hand, the people of Colleen’s house had given an end to this hope that their daughter is now in this world too.

Later Janice got a new job. And she started being busy, due to which she started getting away from her husband, meanwhile Cameron Hooker’s closeness with Colleen increased, Janice started having doubts.

One day Colleen told Cameron Hooker that she misses her parents a lot, then Cameron Hooker allowed Colleen Stan to meet her family and said that he would also come with her to become her boyfriend.

colleen stan 2

Then Janice becomes sure that her husband is in love with Colleen Stan. She got very worried she decided to tell the whole truth to Colleen and told the whole truth to Colleen that the Slavery contract is false and there is no company in this world like “The Celeb Company” Cameron lied to her, and all this plan she Made to deceive you so that you don’t run away from here

The next day, as Colleen plans to escape, Janice opens the lid of her coffin and helps her escape. While she was waiting for the bus at the bus station, she called Cameron Hooker and said that I know everything about you now that I will not be with you anymore.

Finally, after seven years, Colleen Stan reached her home. But the shocking thing is that Colleen often used to call Cameron Hooker and ask how is he? And every time Cameron begs her to come back and Colleen says she won’t come back but she won’t even report to the police and she won’t tell her family. So guys I think it’s so weird why did Colleen do this? I have not understood anything, if you have understood then please tell me by commenting.

Colleen’s family notices that she has changed a lot, something bad has happened to her, then they pressurize her to tell her and keep doing it until she does, when they come to know that they immediately report to the police. But by then it was too late, Cameroon had destroyed all the evidence.

cameron hooker trial cuffs

But eventually there is a good luck that Janice and Cameron had divorced each other. Janice and her husband accepted the truth of what they did to Colleen.

Cameron Hooker was arrested Court sentenced Cameron Hooker to life imprisonment after finding him guilty of rape, kidnapping and assault

And then Colleen Stein’s family exposed her story in books, documentaries, news and articles. and there is movie based on her story. “Girl in The Box” made in 2016 If you want to see this movie Then you can search on the internet

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